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The Biggest Joker


my white protesters please remember that you’re rarely at the same risk we are when you stand up for what is right

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Please watch the video.

I’m getting scared as fuck to be alive right now.


Don’t let it disappear. Not now, not ever.

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Remember this when you read reports of people ‘looting’ McDonalds tomorrow

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Pier 5 (at Brooklyn Bridge Park - Pier 5)

Teaching my young boys how to tie a tie, the Windsor knot. #Essentials

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Exercising power.
Even if you lose.
Liberate your right to be.

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This is the hardest picture I’ve seen

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If you can give, when you yourself don’t have.

" I find it interesting in the game of chess of the gender and power relations. The Queen has almost no limits, moving and capturing anything in her reach-there’s only one of her. The King is weak and can only move one space at a time, yet the Queen and the game mean nothing without him; they balance each other out.  "

- Chess: Marcus