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The Biggest Joker

A Walk To Remember 2014 #ΑΦΑ A Walk Against Obesity (at Syracuse University Quad)

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Hosting Sigma Omicron’s Miss Black & Gold Scholarship Pageant. ΑΦΑ. #TBT

I walk around like I got an S on my chest. (at Bird Library)

I never thought of myself as the performer, the center of public display. Attention seeker, eh, maybe–but never through skilled and rehearsed performance. But the stage became my stomping ground and watched the blinding lights as the thousands of eyes watched me. I stomped until the heels of my shoe broke free from the binding stitching. But there I was with the Golden Letter upon my chest.

Why are you so handsome?

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Thank you lol

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New Years! 😁👍


UNF x100 ok bye now lol